8 Sleek Epoxy Floor Colors to Consider for Your South Florida Property

epoxy floor colors

Your home decor can give you a huge mental health boost. Making your garage and outdoor living space look great is a great way to declutter, create ideal energy levels, and ensure that you feel elegant and sophisticated while at home.

The same is true of retail and commercial spaces. Good surroundings mean a better life.

Choosing the right epoxy floor colors is an ideal way to spruce up your space. Read on to learn some of the top epoxy color options available.

1. Classic Greys

Neutral hues are a classic in garages and industrial warehouses. They’re simple, minimalistic, and never go out of style. Grey is especially stain-resistant because the dark hues absorb chemicals, oil, and other liquids that might otherwise mar the aesthetically pleasing surface.

We offer multiple types of grey solid epoxy flooring. Light grey is great for low-foot-traffic residential garages; dark grey is ideal for commercial spaces with high foot traffic and industrial machinery. Medium grey is a great happy medium between these two hues, and it’s simultaneously light and dark enough to pair with any other accents.

2. Simple Beiges

While greys have cooler undertones that work well in factories and manufacturing plants, homeowners and cozy business owners may prefer a warmer hue. Beige is ideal for these spaces. They’re neutral, but they incorporate warmer undertones that make a space feel comfortable and inviting.

Choose from light beige, sand beige, and dark beige to make your space as welcoming as you want it to be. Light brown is also a great solid epoxy color that incorporates the warm tones of beige. It’s the darkest sandy hue available, and you’re sure to love its neutral beauty.

3. Safety Hues

If you operate an industrial space or construction zone, you may want to invest in floors with specialized “safety colors.” SPF offers solid epoxy flooring in both safety yellow and safety red.

These high-contrast colors make it easy to see everything on the floor. This may be a construction worker decked out in bright orange or a huge piece of potentially dangerous machinery. Using these bright, popping colors can help people avoid accidents and injuries.

Some industries and locations may even require specific flooring colors to ensure safety. Even if your local regulations don’t force you to use these hues, though, you still may want to do so. It’s a reasonable measure that you can take to avoid a lawsuit. 

4. Chip Flooring

Chip flooring is great for both commercial and residential spaces that want to appear sophisticated. They have a terrazzo-like finish that’s made to mimic natural stone. More specifically, they have the aesthetic of natural quartz, polished granite, or even some types of marble.

These speckled patterns come in a wide range of warm and cool hues. Black Canyon, Salt & Pepper, and Midnight Blue are all great cool colors that make your space appear larger. They also seem more businesslike and professional in offices or break rooms.

Warm chip colors like Copper Mountain and Beechnut Mica are ideal for residential hobby areas set up in a garage. Man caves, gaming areas, art studios, and home crafting centers all look great with warm speckled flooring. These garage floor epoxy colors also work well in outdoor living spaces like patios and BBQ areas.

5. Antique Gold Mica

Antique Gold is one of the best chip flooring colors out there. It’s a warm light epoxy garage floor hue. Instead of being on a gray or beige background, the black speckles litter a golden backdrop made to look as elegant and sophisticated as the wealth it’s reminiscent of.

This beautiful epoxy floor color is ideal for garages that have been converted into living spaces. It’s eye-catching and goes well with a wide range of other decor.

Brass lamps and golden trinkets look great when paired with Antique Gold Mica. Royal blue or ruby red furniture contrasts perfectly with the surface for a regal quartzlike look.

6. Gunmetal Grey and Chrome

Metallic epoxy is one of the best ways to make your space stand out. Retail shops can use these floor colors to build a memorable brand. Homeowners can use them to express themselves in an interesting way that looks futuristic and cool.

Gunmetal Grey and Chrome are two of SPF’s most traditional metallic hues.

Gunmetal Grey is ideal for those who want a dark epoxy garage floor. It’s a dark, sleek silver that provides any space with an air of mystery. It’s perfect for any space that has a lot of tools and equipment within its confines since it’s inventive.

Chrome is a lighter grey alternative. It has the same sheen as Gunmetal Grey but its lighter undertones make it blend in with more spaces. It’s less of a statement hue than one that goes with any location.

7. Cobalt Blue

Blue is the ideal color for a calming, relaxing, and stable space. Residential property owners love it because it helps them subconsciously unwind at home. It’s also great for cafes, restaurants, or retail storefronts that want to give off a cozy boutique vibe.

Cobalt Blue is one of our favorite metallic epoxy hues for this reason. Its dark blue tone provides a calming aesthetic that’s sure to make people relax.

Plus, you can put a white or light beige rug on top of it for some sophisticated beachlike contrast.

8. Royal Purple and Metallic Copper

If you want a regal and sophisticated space, Royal Purple and Copper both appear rich and elegant. They’re sure to make you feel like royalty whenever you step foot into a garage or similar room.

Your home or store will give off a classy vibe that people will find high-end. They’ll know that they’re stepping foot into a luxury area that they can expect great things from.

Get the Top Epoxy Floor Colors for Your Property

Now that you know some epoxy floor colors that can spruce up your property, it’s time to upgrade your home or commercial space. SPF is committed to providing specialist flooring that lasts for years even in high-traffic areas.

We offer a wide range of reliable professional services and have fine attention to detail to ensure that you can reap all the benefits of a durable and beautiful epoxy floor. Contact us to learn how we can begin sprucing up your space with stunning epoxy floor colors.