Flakes epoxy system

Flakes are strong long lasting floor with scratch resistant and chemical resistant top coat and its easy to clean.

How Do We Use Flakes?

We work with you to create a finish that’s highly functional and perfectly suited to the style of your surroundings.

The Experts in Flakes in South Florida

By using a variety of colored flakes, you can achieve virtually any look and finish you desire. This gives you plenty of options to choose from and allows you to create a look that fits in seamlessly with your existing surroundings. Perfect when you’re completing a new project, renovating a large space, or giving things a refresh with a little help from the experts. We can even show you examples of the different types of colors and finishes we’ve achieved over the years to make your choice easier.

How Long Do Flakes Last?

We apply a clear topcoat to all of our flooring solutions that use flakes to create a truly seamless finish. This provides a high degree of resistance to impact, scratches and chemical spills. It also ensures your floor is quick and easy to clean so it can look brand-new for many years to come.

How do we install epoxy floors with flakes?

SPF Industrial combines the finest materials, years of experience and an uncompromising eye for detail.

Professionally installed flakes offer a strong and long-lasting floor that’s highly scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean. This results in a floor that has minimal maintenance and repair costs so you can enjoy a finish that looks as good as new for many years to come.

Here’s how we take care of everything so you don’t have to:

  • We grind or shot blast the concrete to create a profile that’s suitable for the application of the finest materials. As always, the key to the right finish is undertaking the right levels of preparation.
  • We install pigmented epoxy and broadcast flakes on top by using a combination of manufacturer training and years of hands-on experience. Put the two together and the finish speaks for itself.
  • We scrape off the lose flakes and vacuum up any remaining lose flakes to ensure minimal disruption to your surrounding area. This step also enables us to double-check the broadcasting levels of the flakes.
  • We finish by installing a polyspartic top coat to seal and protect our handiwork for many years to come. It’s this step that ties everything together and delivers a flooring system that will never let you down.

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