The Importance of Moisture Vapor Control in Florida

moisture vapor control in Florida

If you look at any list of the most humid states in the U.S., you’re undoubtedly going to find Florida near the top of it. The average relative humidity in Florida lands at just under 75% in the summer. That makes it more humid than almost any other state in the country.

Many people who live in Florida have gotten used to the humidity and actually enjoy it. But this humidity can really take a toll on other people.

It can also take a toll on things like flooring in a building. It makes moisture vapor control in Florida very important when it comes to floors.

So, what is this moisture control all about? What makes moisture vapor control so important when it comes to polished concrete in South Florida and other types of flooring? And who can you trust to provide you with the moisture-resistant flooring you need?

Find out the answers below and then use moisture vapor control to protect epoxy flooring in South Florida and other types of floors.

What Is Moisture Vapor Control in Florida?

In order to understand what moisture vapor control in Florida is and how it works, you need to first learn about what moisture vapor itself is. Moisture vapor could potentially put the floors in your building at risk, so you need to be aware of it and know what makes it so dangerous.

Moisture vapor is essentially just water in a gaseous form. It’s measured in relative humidity, and as we alluded to earlier, Florida is home to its fair share of moisture vapor. Moisture vapor is often found in the air, but it can also set up shop in the ground where it could possibly put the floors in your building at risk.

If have concrete flooring in Florida, this flooring is going to be porous, which is why you’ll typically want to have it coated with epoxy or another material that’ll stop moisture from being able to get down into it. But you’ll also need to worry about moisture vapor coming up through the ground and getting into your concrete flooring from this angle.

This is where moisture vapor control in Florida can step in and help. It’ll form a moisture vapor control barrier between your concrete flooring and the ground so that moisture vapor isn’t able to get easy access to it. It’ll give you the moisture-resistant flooring you need when you’re in a state like Florida.

What Makes Moisture Vapor Control So Important?

Once upon a time, moisture vapor control in Florida isn’t something that flooring companies took all that seriously. As a result, the floors they installed would often get inundated with moisture vapor and start to show signs of wear and tear long before they should have.

Epoxy flooring in South Florida would be well-protected from the top. The epoxy that was used to coat the concrete sitting right beneath it would be impenetrable. But moisture vapor would sometimes come up from underneath the concrete and cause pressure to build up in it.

When this happened, it would lead to the epoxy coating separating from the concrete that was beneath it. This would then result in the epoxy flooring starting to deteriorate and eventually having to be replaced since it couldn’t do its job anymore.

It would appear as though the epoxy flooring was to blame for its rapid deterioration. But in reality, it was the lack of moisture vapor control in Florida that was the problem.

In more modern times, most flooring companies have started to implement moisture vapor control practices to stop everything that we just talked about from happening. They’re very effective when it comes to setting floors up with the moisture control they need. Moisture vapor is no longer able to damage epoxy flooring in South Florida or similar types of floors.

What Happens If You Don’t Take Moisture Vapor Control Seriously?

If you don’t take it upon yourself to take moisture vapor control in Florida seriously, it might not bode well for your flooring. Whether you have polished concrete in South Florida or another kind of flooring, it’s going to get attacked by moisture vapor in most cases.

A lack of moisture vapor control can ruin everything from the adhesive used to put flooring down to the finish found on flooring. Initially, the moisture and unwanted alkalinity that’ll impact your flooring might not damage it too much. But it’ll start to affect its durability before long and eventually ruin your floors altogether.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t be shy about taking advantage of moisture vapor control in Florida. It’ll leave you with longer-lasting floors that’ll look their absolute best for years to come.

Who Should You Trust for Moisture Vapor Control?

It doesn’t matter if you’re installing brand-new floors and looking to use moisture vapor control in Florida or trying to figure out a moisture control solution for older floors. You’ll need to have the right flooring specialists on your side to make the most of moisture vapor control.

SPF Industrial is the company you can count on to lend a hand with moisture vapor control in Florida. We have a team of certified moisture vapor mitigation experts who can leave you with the moisture-resistant flooring you’ve been looking for.

You won’t have to worry about facing big flooring repair bills when you utilize our moisture vapor control services. They’ll leave your floors looking and performing the way you want them to.

Let Us Help You Start Enjoying Moisture-Resistant Flooring

Now that you know about the importance of moisture vapor control in Florida, are you interested in protecting your floors from the state’s humidity? SPF Industrial is here to help.

Just let us know what’s going on with your floors and we can deliver the moisture vapor control services you need. We can also provide a wide range of other performance specialty flooring services.

Reach out to us today to use these services to your advantage.