Need a Florida School Flooring Specialist?

SPF Industrial works with schools, colleges and educational organizations right across South Florida.


Flooring That Works For You

We understand that when you’re budgeting in education, every dollar counts. That’s why we only offer seamless epoxy flooring and concrete flooring solutions that save you maintenance and upkeep costs in the long term. They’re highly durable, flexible and versatile, allowing you to spend your time, money and effort on what really matters: the students. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to get things done the simple way.

Guidance From the Experts

Each of our professionally installed flooring solutions has unique properties and functions that make them ideal for a given location. Whether you’re adding new flooring to a lab, cafeteria, classroom environment, or anything else your organization needs, we can make the perfect recommendation without delay. With free consultations from the moment you connect, you can outsource the time-consuming process of selecting options to our experts so that you’re only picking from suitable choices that meet all your needs.

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