Miami’s Warehouse Flooring Experts

SPF Industrial installs hardwearing, slip-resistant flooring for warehouses and distribution centers that can’t afford drops in productivity.


We Help Build Your Business

Our proven range of epoxy flooring systems ensure you and your team can do what you do best with the minimum of disruption. Everything is designed to be hardwearing, resistant to scratches, chemicals and heavy loads, and suitable for incredibly high traffic areas. Perfect when you want a flooring solutions provider who really will help you to build your business.

Flooring Systems Ready For Anything

We use nothing but the finest materials and latest application and curing techniques to make sure that your flooring solution can withstand anything you throw at it. Because we’re a business just like you, we understand just how important it is to be able to work at scale without dropping your productivity. Our solutions are suitable for heavy goods storage, forklift trucks and high levels of foot traffic all at the same time. The result is a flexible, versatile and durable floor that will literally support your business from the ground up.

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