Self-Leveling Concrete Floors Contractor in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

SPF Industrial delivers the finest, smoothest and most durable self-leveling concrete anywhere in South Florida.


Saving You Time & Effort

A self-leveling concrete floor allows you to quickly and easily create a smooth, flat and level floor with a little help from the experts. Imagine concrete that flows with the same consistency as pancake mix, filling in any dips, holes and bumps and you start to be able to picture how self-leveling concrete can help you. If you add in the fact that we can apply it over virtually any size of area, you know you’ve come to the right people.

Getting it Level Truly Matters

Large floor tiles, premium vinyl flooring and highly sensitive machinery all require a flawlessly flat floor with high levels of durability. Self-leveling concrete takes care of all of this on day one, giving you the perfect foundation on which to rework any type of premises. All you need to do now is connect with the experts and we’ll guide you through the process.

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