Our Terms & Conditions

SPF Industrial is a team that prides itself on doing the right thing, delivering flawless flooring, and always going the extra mile for our customers. To make sure you know exactly what you’ll get for your money when you hire us, we’ve laid everything out in our easy-to-follow Terms & Conditions below. If there’s anything that’s unclear, or you want some clarification, please feel free to reach out and get in touch at your convenience. We’re on your side and want to make this work for everyone involved.



Notice: Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully prior to accepting services from the SPF Industrial Group. Any noncompliance with these Terms and Conditions may result in additional fees and expenses incurred to the customer unless addressed or otherwise agreed prior to the commencement of the project.

Agreement: Upon the issuance of an Initial Deposit or Purchase Order, the customer implicitly agrees to all the Terms and Conditions described below, unless otherwise addressed in writing or within the project’s Statement-of-Work.

Scheduling: All bids are calculated with the assumption that the project will not be scheduled over a Federal or Religious holiday. Scheduling projects on such holidays will result in additional charges to the customer, which shall be addressed prior to the project’s commencement. All bids are calculated with the assumption that the project will be scheduled during regular working hours (6AM-8PM). All projects intentionally scheduled at night (8PM-6AM) by the customer will result in additional labor charges. If work continues into the night at the discretion or cause of SPF Industrial the customer will incur no additional costs. Any changes in scheduling requested by the customer must be requested at least 7 days prior to the project’s scheduled start-date.

SPF Industrial will not mobilize crews or schedule a project unless a Purchase Order or Initial Deposit has been received via Electronic Wire Transfer, Check or Credit Card. SPF Industrial requires the receipt of any initial deposit a minimum of 10 days in advance of the project’s start-date in order to coordinate scheduling, labor, logistics and materials. Exceptions may apply.

Mobilization: In the event SPF Industrial mobilizes crews to a project site to find that the customer is not prepared to start work and / or receive our crews for project commencement, a mobilization fee of $2,500 will be charged to the customer.

Customer Responsibilities: It will be the customer’s responsibility to provide the following prior to the commencement of their project: Adequate Lighting for the project; a climate controlled working environment between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and below 85 degrees Fahrenheit; 110-120 Volt Single Phase Electrical Power; 208-240 Volt Single Phase Electrical Power, or 480 Volt Three Phase Electrical Power; Dumpsters or dumping areas for disposal of debris and material; Sound construction of working facility. If the customer does not provide adequate power, lighting or disposal accommodations, or if such amenities are not present in the working facility, SPF Industrial will charge a service fee for the provision and mobilization of electrical generators and lighting equipment.

It will be the customer’s responsibility to protect or plug any water or waste drains prior to our crew’s arrival so as to prevent concrete dust or product from entering, damaging or warping drains or plumbing fixtures. Any product entrance or contamination of unprotected drain fittings shall not be the responsibility of SPF Industrial Group.

Material Requirements: The project site must have a climate-controlled area to store SPF Industrial’s resinous flooring and concrete flooring products. Polymer-based flooring materials are very sensitive to temperature and UV exposure and can damage the integrity of the product’s reliability and performance. If SPF’s polymer-based flooring materials are kept and stored in non-temperature-controlled environments by a customer, their agent, superintendent or project manager, it may be grounds for the voiding of any warranty provided. Excess heat, moisture, UV exposure, or elemental exposure will cause polymer-based materials to degrade and warp, even while they are still packaged.

Delays and Damages: Please note that any installation delays or product damages that result from faulty construction (leaking roofs, plumbing leaks, etc.), natural and environmental exposure (rain, flooding, bugs, rodents, animals, debris from air conditioning vents etc.), or other generally accepted Acts of God outside the control of SPF Industrial shall not be the responsibility of SPF Industrial. Additional work and expense to remedy these uncontrollable circumstances will be billed to the customer on a Time & Materials basis and work will be temporarily stopped until those expenses are agreed upon.

Protection of Property: It is the customer’s responsibility to remove all equipment, furniture and miscellaneous items from the space prior to the project’s commencement. Any items, which may be sensitive to the exposure of concrete dust, should be wrapped or protected by the customer prior to the project’s commencement in order to prevent potential damages. Additional charges will be incurred if SPF is asked to protect equipment and / or belongings on the customer’s behalf.

Product Attributes: Pease note that resinous flooring systems take between 4 and 12 hours to cure, depending on the products installed. Any debris that settles into the product during its curing period will not be the responsibility of SPF Industrial. All available means necessary to prevent contamination or outside access to the product will be accomplished and coordinated by SPF Industrial and our clients, in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

Seamless flooring systems consist of specialty products that require high-level attention to detail and swift action. Please note that SPF Industrial anticipates the possibility of minor imperfections and/or roller markings accounting up to 3% of the total square footage of the project’s space due to the haste at which these products must be installed. Concrete “outgassing” is a common condition that presents itself during the initial application of product. For flooring installations that consist of only one-coat of resinous product, this condition is irreparable. In multiple-component resinous applications, this condition is remedied between the application of each layer of coating.

Replication: Artistic seamless flooring systems, such as concrete micro toppings or metallic epoxy coatings, are applied by hand and are installed at the taste of the installation team on location. It is not feasible to replicate the artwork installed by another company or individual, but our best efforts will be utilized to meet our customer’s desires.

Demolition: In the event SPF Industrial is contracted to remove existing flooring prior to the installation of our products, additional assessment of the sub-floor will be required after the removal to discuss any unanticipated or additionally required work.

Joint Treatment: All expansion and control joints will be honored in the application of new products in accordance with product manufacturers’ recommendations, unless otherwise specified in architectural drawings, arrangements, agreements, and / or scopes.

Change Orders: Any additional work requested by the customer that resides outside of the initial Statement-of-Work will be billed at a Time & Material basis. Work will be temporarily halted until the customer has approved the Time & Material Change Order.

Payment: A 3.0% Convenience Fee will be applied for all Credit Card transactions. Completion Payment Terms are “Due Upon Completion” unless otherwise specified by a Master Contract. Invoices over 14 days past due will be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance from the issuance date of the completion invoice.

It is in SPF’s best interest to submit a Statement-of-Work to our customers that encompass all estimated costs associated with their project. In order to clarify any unanticipated situations that can cost time and money for both SPF and our customer, we have created these Terms and Conditions to help address how these situations shall be handled and prepared for prior to moving forward with your project.

Project Checklist: Please see our Project Checklist, sent along with our Terms & Conditions and exhibited on our website, which we have designed to help our customers better prepare for their upcoming project. Completing the checklist will help to avoid any unanticipated or unexpected expenses during your project.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you and appreciate your business!