Miami’s Transportation Facility Flooring Specialists

SPF Industrial delivers solutions for transportation and parking facilities that want flooring they can always rely on.


Ultra-Durable Flooring Where You Need it

Our range of epoxy coating flooring systems can help protect your facility from the costly and time-consuming effects of moisture intrusion, as well as providing a highly professional finish. By protecting the underlying concrete slab, and adding a wide variety of striping options, we can provide a highly versatile flooring solution that solves multiple problems at the same time. Ideal when you want something that’s fit for the specific needs of your facility.

Impact-Resistant Flooring Systems

We work with trusted materials manufacturers and suppliers to personally make sure that our flooring solutions are ready for the high demands of your facility. We’re also fully trained and certified in the complex and subtle application processes, allowing us to get every ounce of performance out of your choice of flooring. The result is a long-lasting, durable and traffic-specific flooring solution that will never let you down and look new for years to come.

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