Need Concrete Flooring in Miami?

SPF Industrial provides detailed guidance on everything you need to know.


We want to make sure you have everything you need to know to ensure your concrete flooring project goes smoothly from beginning to end. To make sure nothing is missed, forgotten, or accidentally overlooked, we’ve created an easy-to-follow checklist that covers everything you need to know. Simply work through it from beginning to end at your own pace and you’ll be ready for your project to begin before you know it. With the right people guiding you through everything, getting a pristine finish and a floor that’s highly functional really couldn’t be easier.


ActionYesNo Effect, if answered “No”
Have you read the project Terms and Conditions?You have the potential of experiencing unanticipated costs associated with the project if you have not read the Terms and Conditions.
Are you intending on paying via EFT or Check?If you do not pay by EFT or Check, you will incur a Credit Card Transaction Fee of 3%.
Are you intending on scheduling your project during regular daylight working hours, and not during a holiday?If you intend on scheduling your project on holidays or during night shifts, you may incur extra expenses due to unanticipated overtime and premium labor costs.
Will your facility provide adequate lighting?SPF may charge for lighting rentals and / or mobilization if adequate lighting is not provided in the space.
Will your facility provide adequate power requirements?SPF may charge for generator rentals and / or mobilization if adequate power is not provided in the space.
Will your facility provide a method to dispose of waste?SPF may charge for dumpster or disposal fees if these means are not established on site.  Otherwise, SPF may otherwise leave its debris on site.
Will your project be taking place indoors?For exterior projects, SPF will not be held responsible for damages caused by rain, wind, flooding, or other weather related damages.
Is your facility in good, sound condition?  And free of any roofing or plumbing leaks which may interfere with product installation?SPF will not be held responsible for delays or product damages due to by roofing leaks, plumbing leaks, or other uncontrollable factors caused by faulty construction.
Will all equipment and belongings be removed from the working area prior to our arrival?If belongings or equipment hinders our ability to work upon our arrival to your job-site, delays may be incurred.
Are all fixed pieces of equipment going to be wrapped and protected prior to our arrival?If belongings are not protected, they may become contaminated with concrete dust or debris.

If you need clarifications concerning any part of the checklist, simply reach out to our experts today and they’ll guide you through everything they need to know. It’s all about taking the time to get things right, and that’s why we’re always available to take your call and clarify anything and everything you need to know.

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, please contact your SPF Industrial Representative to discuss the coordination of your project.